About Us

What's Flowboat?

The Flowboat Entrepreneurship Club is a student-founded organization based in Waterloo where bright young minds bring their entrepreneurial ideas to life. As Canada’s largest startup incubator for high school students, Flowboat provides newly-formed startups with all the resources they need to thrive, including mentors, weekly lectures, funding, and perpetual feedback. Additionally, student-driven companies compete in international pitching competitions, receiving funding as well as resume-building experience. At the end of the Flowboat season, teams will have developed the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the startup world.

Each year, around 50 high-school students across Waterloo region form groups of 4-6 people to create an innovative solution to a real-world problem. The timeline is from October to May, nevertheless, companies can continue into the next year to further proliferate their product or service. Built from the ground up for high school students, Flowboat is designed to provide today's youth with the entrepreneurship experience they need to tackle the problems of tomorrow.

Where Does Flowboat Happen, and What do We Learn?

Flowboat is located at The Accelerator Centre, in the heart of the tech hub of Canada: Waterloo. We meet weekly on Saturdays for two hours. The program runs from October to May.

To quickly summarize the Flowboat year first, Flowboat begins, and teams form. Members perform market research and each team is assigned to a community mentor. Members prototype their service/product and start brand and logo development. Members participate in a variety of pitching competitions while continuing as the startups gain traction. Lastly, Flowboat Demo Day happens offering pitching grants. Startups develop financial projections.