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Accelerating the ideas of tommorow

About us

Flowboat is a youth startup organization in Waterloo where bright young minds come together to be creative with science and technology. Flowboat members can choose to focus on a variety of challenges to improve their skills in physics, computer science, business, environmental sustainability and anything their team chooses to tackle.

Each year, around 50 students across Waterloo Region form groups of 4-6 people to create an innovative solution to a real-world problem. Each newly formed company is provided with mentors, lessons, and feedback to prepare them for a variety of pitching competitions.

The timeline is from September to May and can continue to the next year to further grow their business and perfect their product. Built from the ground up for high school students, Flowboat is designed to provide today's youth with the entrepreneurship experience they need to tackle the problems of tomorrow.




Lessons in


At weekly meetings, practical lessons in entrepreneurship are given to students, who then apply what they have learned to their companies. We also have guest speakers who cover topics such as programming, 3D printing, and financing.


Industry Mentors and Lecturers

Each Flowboat team is provided with an industry mentor who is a field expert. Past mentors include the former director of velocity, startup CEOs, software engineers, Professors, and even farmers! Mentors provide valuable input for Flowboat members. 


Pitch Training and Development

Flowboat teams participate in a variety of pitching competitions throughout the year including: MIT LaunchX Demo Day, Diamond Challenge, and the Paradigm Contest. Past Flowboat teams have received top honours at these competitions.


Testimony: Giving Small Businesses The Advertising Edge

Since the beginning, Flowi was built from the ground up by high school students. Flowi always had a vision to reduce the 5.6+ million tons of paper that is lost in North American landfills annually. By creating a digital platform for local advertisers, Flowi was on the path to fixing the problem.

During the MIT Launch X program, Flowi was invited to compete at the the International Launch X pitching event at MIT. Flowi was able to secure a $5000 dollar grant to further invest in their company!





In Capital


Meet Our Startups!

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Meet Our Team

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Email: info@flowboat.ca

Phone: 519 572 1253

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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